Heat pumps | Refrigeration equipment installation, maintenance and service

Haupa CableGo

An innovation in the cable pulling device technology • suitable for all cable pulling devices • quick and easy, with just one person • reduced force expenditure • no damage to cables, thus particularly suitable for cables in the field of data technology (for example, fiber optic cables)

HumCompact range

Designed and co-manufactured by Haupa. 100% parallel crimp, precision crimp, handle force: 5 kN, small compact construction, life span: 50,000 crimp cycles, trapezoidal pressing

Bad Montage Set

Bath installation set "deluxe" | 16 pieces

Assembly Connection Gauge

for bathtubs and shower mixers, corner and flush-mounted valves, pipe ventilators

Hole saw with cut-out segment ejection function

For wall sockets Ø 68 mm • Cutting depth 40 mm • Especially suitable for plasterboard ...